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Thanks for coming to "Books By Brent" website, the home of “Harley”. Harley was created as I laid in bed for 24 hours a day, month after month recovering from a blood infection. It was by far the toughest moments in my life, as IV’s dripped into my blood, fighting a raging infection, month after month. As I laid flat on my back recovering an email from Marci changed my life. She inspired me to use my creativity and TIME (that I now had) to write a children’s book. Without having any idea of what I was doing, I began. It was months of writing and deleting what was on my heart and what I had been through for the last 22 years as a quadriplegic. These intense feelings and emotions were the beginnings of Harley and his journey. I believed I was on the right track as tears ran down my cheeks, landing on the keyboard. Harley's journey begins in 2nd grade at a new school. We will get the chance to follow his journey through high school as I relive my life through Harley and his future books. 




How does Harley get from my heart into your hands? The answer is a power greater than I. After Harley’s first journey was completed on my laptop, Dr. Lucile Richardson came back into my life after 22 years, not having any idea of my current struggle with life and death. She had already been an accomplished author with insight and knowledge in the field of literature. She gave Harley a quick read and immediately fell in love and knew he could have a positive impact on the world. She has and is guiding my new journey, in bringing Harley from my heart to your hands.


Dr. Lucile Richardson also believed that my life with its struggles and accomplishments could serve as a tool, with a lasting and positive effect on readers. There must be a higher purpose and meaning to my journey from paralysis to paralympics. This belief has led to my life story “Tragedy On A Mountain”.


Thanks for spending your time with Harley and I. I hope our path has a place with you and your family’s journey. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me, using the contact link or click This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

. This belief has led to my life story “Tragedy On A Mountain”.